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3 Ways to More Creative Healthcare Advertising

This article hits the nail on the head! Yes, creative energy flows freely when you dig into your medical industry innovations to build your inspiration. Don’t let technology, social strategy and digital awareness pass by you.

Sewer inspector. Embalmer. Gastroenterologist. Tough jobs for sure. But try healthcare advertising for a week. Just try to be creative in an environment where important safety information takes up :35 of a :60 TV spot, where rules for short-form messaging run 15 pages long, where every print ad, website, banner and video must pass a rigorous risk mitigation assessment by a medical legal review team.

The threat of an FDA letter looms large in the lives of pharmaceutical brand managers, and that can lead to a condition known as FUD: fear, uncertainty and doubt. The resulting manifestation is “safe” advertising. You’ve seen it before: Happy patient stock photo paired with a headline about how such-and-such drug can help you get back to life! I’ve stared at blank walls that are more compelling.

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