Thinking and Driving

Should I hire an Agency or Designer? – Answer these 3 questions.

This is an age old question many CMO’s, Marketing Managers, and CEO’s have labored over. And really there is no universal answer. Your marketing support staff depends on your management style and your needs. As an agency owner, I have worked with many awesome designers and just as many great agencies. I’ve seen good people have bad outcomes if the fit is not right. So, before you make that big hiring decision, ask yourself these three questions. Afterward your decision should be easier.

Using Empowerment to Inspire Women

We have seen a diversion from our traditional female ad roles of the past – sex sells sexy, girl stereotypes sell “girl” toys. I’ve heard two words to describe this movement: femvertising and Empowerment. For me, the word femvertising brings up visions of women marching for the right to vote but Empowerment brings up a strong vision AND emotional tug of a strong female who challenges and who can beat all inequalities.

Empowering Advertising is profitably challenging gender norms and we are seeing more and more companies selling their brands and products through the empowerment of women. Think Dove and one of my favorites.

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